Fox Studios Chooses Carmanah’s Light Panels for Props in Hit TV Show


We’re Famous! Well sort of…Carmanah Signs was contacted directly by Fox Studios of Los Angeles, California to provide LED illuminated light panels to be used as props on their current hit TV show “Bones”.

Generally Carmanah’s EvenLit™ LED Light Panels have been used by major brands, retailers, casinos, lottery organizations, and others, as permanent promotional fixtures in their retail settings. Typically, they are wall mounted, with eye-catching digitally printed designs that are brilliantly lit from behind, however the creative folks at Fox Studios are using the light panels in a horizontal fashion as an illumination source on the set of the forensic lab. It will be really cool to see the LED-lit effect when we finally get to watch the latest episode on TV.

For almost 20 years, Carmanah Signs has been a provider of LED illuminated signage to countless brands, retailers, lotteries and casinos, and  this is not the first time that Carmanah’s LED illuminated signage technology has been called to action  in front of the camera.

A few years ago, the set designers from the show “Las Vegas”, produced by NBC Studios, used Carmanah LED illuminated Table Game signs on their casino floor set. Due to Carmanah’s track record as the major supplier of Table Games and Table Limit signs to the casino and gaming industry, the designers chose Carmanah to provide all the set’s table game floor signage. The designers presumably felt that choosing Carmanah’s casino sign products would add to the authenticity and realism of the set.

We thank Fox Studios for their business and the opportunity to bask in the glow of a tiny bit of Hollywood glamour.  As for our regular retail environment customers, Carmanah’s line of LED illuminated EvenLit™ Light Panels will continue to offer the features they have come to value: superior illumination, spread evenly across the entire surface, an elegant housing and the long life and low energy consumption of high quality LEDs, all in a range of standard and custom sizes.