About Us

Carmanah Signs is a technology company focused on retail signage and in-store marketing communications. We design, manufacture and deliver LED & LCD signs to casinos, lotteries, brands and retailers in all parts of the world. Many of our sign products are updated wirelessly, using Wi-Fi, cellular networks or Carmanah’s Smart-Com™ point to multipoint radio technology.

Carmanah provides signage that meets the unique needs of each customer’s retail setting and in-store communication objective. Many of our sign models have a proven track record of increasing sales at retail.

We offer a wide range of sign models that meet a brand or retailer’s Point-of-Sale needs, from classic POS brand awareness signage to EvenLit™ LED Light Panels to Wi-Fi updated LCD & LED signage to signs with cloud-based remote updating of data & video.

Carmanah does in-house retail signage product design and development. The engineers who design our customer’s signs & wireless systems are the same engineers who perform technical sales duties and direct after-sales support. This provides Carmanah’s designers with a deeper understanding of our customers’ retail environments and marketing communication objectives.

Our edge-lit signs and LCD signs are illuminated with high quality, long-life LEDs. We have built a reputation for robust product design, attentive customer service and prompt warranty support, and as a result are fortunate to have many long-term customer relationships.


Carmanah is proud to be a Member or Associate Member of a number of industry associations, including:

Digital Signage:
Digital Signage Federation

Lottery Industry:
World Lottery Association
North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries
European Lottery

Casino Industry:
Association of Gaming Equipment Manufactures

Sign Industry:
Sign Association of Canada (affiliated with the International Sign Association)

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