About Us

Carmanah Signs helps casinos and lotteries activate and engage players by supplying digital sign networks, interactive digital media experiences and value-added LED signs.

Carmanah is the gaming division of Stratacache, a leading global provider of digital sign software, touch interactive hardware and network operation services. Carmanah and Stratacache’s digital technologies improve in-store shopper experience, promote retail conversion and assist with mobile activation.

Carmanah is the world leader for the global lottery market in the development and production of wirelessly-updated lottery jackpot signs, which increase jackpot awareness, sales and ultimately revenues for good causes. Carmanah has provided over 110,000 wireless jackpot signs for lottery retailers in 46 lottery jurisdictions.

Carmanah has also been manufacturing Casino Table limit signs since 1996, and has LED and LCD table game signage installed in over 500 casinos on all five major continents, helping to inform, engage and retain casino players.

The Carmanah and Stratacache hardware and software design engineers also perform technical sales duties and direct after-sales support. This provides Carmanah’s designers with a deeper understanding of our customers’ retail environments and marketing communication objectives.

For twenty years, Carmanah and Stratacache have built a reputation for robust product design, attentive customer service and prompt warranty support, and the company is fortunate to enjoy many long-term customer relationships.


Carmanah is proud to be a Member or Associate Member of a number of industry associations, including:

Lottery Industry:

World Lottery Association
North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries
European Lottery
Asia Pacific Lottery Association

Casino Industry:

Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers