The Petite LED Table Limit Sign

Enhance your casino decor and attract more players to your tables with the Petite LED Table Limit sign. The stylish Petite takes the traditional LED Table Limit design to classic perfection.

As the name suggests, the Petite is our most compact Table Limit, designed to add elegance to each table while allowing clear sight lines throughout the pit.

Features & Benefits

Petite LED Table Limit Sign

The Petite LED Table Limit Sign features vibrant LED illumination with 9 color options, as well as a custom branded illuminated faceplate. The faceplate is replaceable, which allows for easy re-branding or new games.

The sign also features a bright digital min/max bet display on the front and a rear min/max display for pit boss and dealers, a well as a simple 3-button control of the min/max values. Each sign comes with a sturdy bolt pedestal table mount system and the choice of a gold, silver or black pedestal.

Custom, Replaceable Faceplate

All faceplate graphic designs are complimentary and prepared to your satisfaction. If casino branding change or new game creates the need for a new faceplate graphic, simply order a new one and swap it out at the table.