The Vegas LCD Table Limit Sign

The eye catching Vegas LCD Table Limit Sign combines WiFi technology with elegant design to create a powerful promotional tool.


LED-lit Custom Faceplate

  • Custom-designed illuminated faceplate creates an elegant and striking look, enhancing the casino brand
  • Each faceplate is printed on acrylic and laser cut to any shape, size and color
  • Easily swapped out for a new faceplate to match a new decor or branding
  • Options other than the lit faceplate include a non-illuminated black or gold frame

Content & Schedule Preparation

  • Graphic content and schedule is assembled on an Apple or PC-based computer using complementary software from Carmanah
  • Content/schedule is saved as a single file and uploaded to the Vegas either wirelessly or via a USB flash drive
  • Because each Vegas is a network-enabled IP device, updates can be done remotely – head office can transmit the content/schedule file to each Vegas on a casino floor from anywhere in the world, allowing central marketing control of timely promotions

Casino Floor Selection of Content

  • Pit Bosses can alter betting limits and/or other content either manually via the four buttons at rear of the Vegas or via a WiFi-enabled device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone. No software installation is required.
  • Management can lock out certain aspects of local content selection

Carmanah Signs Quality and Service

Carmanah developed the original LED-lit Table Limit sign in 1996, and has had an LCD model since 2008. We continue to supply high quality LCD and LED casino table signage to hundreds of casinos worldwide each year. The one year warranty is backed up by Carmanah’s excellent service department.

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