Signs for Lottery

Digital Signage Networks

Carmanah Signs’ digital signage networks and interactive displays engage lottery players at retail, delivering real-time, targeted messages. Increase sales by activating consumers with digital content and digital experiences at the point of purchase.

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LED and LCD Jackpot Signs

Carmanah’s wirelessly updated jackpot signs offer a variety of ways to increase jackpot awareness and sales lift in a multitude of retail settings. Jackpot signs are reliable, accurate and secure – they always ensure the right jackpot is displayed at the right time.

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LED Static Signage

Carmanah’s LED static signage is ideal to increase lottery retailer identification and branding. These signs provide an eye-catching way to capture the attention of nearby players, and the replaceable graphics make it easy to refresh the lottery’s brand if need be.

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Maxwell Goldstein Speaks About Jackpot Awareness and Sales Lift