Signs for Lottery

Window Jackpot Signs

Carmanah designs, develops and manufactures lottery products that enable lotteries to increase brand, product and jackpot awareness and thereby increase revenues for good causes across the globe. Carmanah’s lottery products have proven to increase sales while meeting the highest technical and quality standards as well as international certifications. Of these, the most popular is the wirelessly-updated window jackpot sign.

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Small Footprint Jackpot Signs

Small Footprint signs are ideal for placement at or near point of sale or multiple sites at retail including supermarket in-lane, in kiosks, playstations and on service counters. The mini jackpot signs can be pole mounted, wall mounted or easel mounted to sit on a counter or other flat surface, as well as attached to store fixturing.

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LCD Signs for Lottery

Carmanah’s full color 7” LCD sign with 2 GB of internal memory is fully customizable to show still and moving images in up to 6 separate zones. The custom LED-lit faceplate attracts attention and highlights lottery brand around the perimeter of the screen.

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EvenLit™ LED Light Panels for Lottery

Carmanah’s EvenLit LED light panels are ideal to illuminate standard poster graphics. The lightweight, energy-efficient and long-lasting, easy-to-use snap frame provides lotteries with the option of having a replaceable brand or product message.

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Lottery Product and Retailer Identification Signs

Carmanah Signs has produced thousands of LED-illuminated signs for lottery retailer identification. These LED edge-lit signs can be designed to help identify retailer’s who sell lottery products. Include a call to action such as ” Play Here” to compliment lottery branding.

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