Signs for Lottery

Digital Signage Networks for Lottery

Lotteries that install digital signage networks and interactive displays at retail can engage players by delivering real-time, targeted messages. Increase sales by activating consumers with digital content and digital experiences at the point of purchase.

Using web-based ActiVia for Media software, lottery marketers can schedule and distribute engaging content through their digital sign networks, delivering the right message to the right place and at exactly the right time.

As traditional advertising becomes less effective, digital signage at retail is becoming the higher ROI option to reach and influence consumers.

Wirelessly-updated Jackpot Signs

Carmanah designs, develops and manufactures LED-lit signage that enable lotteries to increase brand, product and jackpot awareness and thereby increase revenues for Good Causes across the globe. Carmanah’s lottery products have proven to increase retail sales while meeting the highest international technical and quality standards.

LED Retailer Identification Signs

Carmanah’s EvenLit™ LED Light Panels and Retailer Identification Signs highlight lottery brands and promote lottery products at retail.