At the core of our digital signage networks is ActiVia for Media, the most robust, reliable digital signage software available. Built to handle the most complex networks at massive scale, ActiVia powers the largest retail networks in the world. It is the brains integrating everything from terminals and media players, to Digital Menu Boards and Interactive Digital PlayStations, plus all variations of Wireless Jackpot Signs in between.


ActiVia is capable of highly advanced media targeting, monitoring, and alerting at a scale of up to 250,000 displays per networkall managed centrallyActiVia provides a fully integrated, centralized, securely hosted encrypted connection, and automated publishing platform that will:

  • Receive assets from relevant marketing and asset channels.

  • Dynamically auto-populate pre-existing and rich media HTML5 content templates in concert with weekly themes and tab production processes.

  • Accept a wide variety of content assets, streams, and feeds as content inputs.

  • Send any digital content, regardless of file size, to all retail locations simultaneously from one central hub. 

  • Serve media in virtually real-time, following programming rules that are continually evolving, based on data and in-store real-time analytics.

  • Schedule and confirm delivery for each store. If data is lost during transmission, it is automatically identified and resent.

  • Easily target the most relevant content to the right place at the right time, based on defined rules and logic.

  • Manage channels and screen-level programming at both the corporate and store manager level, via a straightforward permissions based web/mobile interface.

ActiVia is truly enterprise level software, built for massive scale, hyper-local differentiation, and in-depth monitoring. This focus on scalability and end-to-end integration—today and into the future—ensures that content control, delivery, and hardware monitoring remain centralized, while minimizing redundant systems and business processes. No other digital signage network CMS in the world today has ActiVia's combined level of capabilities.