PGRI: Protect Your Position at Lottery Retail

Why do Lotteries need to protect their privileged position at retail? What is happening in the world of grocery and convenience retailing, and how is Digital Signage network technology changing the landscape? Our article in this month's issue of Public Gaming International explores these questions and more, letting you know how you can protect your Lottery's position at retail and capitalize on the benefits of digital signage.

"With the install base of DS networks growing at a rate of about 15-20% per year in the USA, retail chains, including C-stores, have an increasing interest in installing their own DS networks. If a retailer installs its own DS network before the Lottery does, the Lottery risks losing its current Point-of-Sale (POS) privileges and may be forced to share or buy space on the displays owned by their retailer."

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Nadene Beyerbach