Cameron Waldie

President & CEO

President of Carmanah Signs since 2009, Cameron has focused Carmanah’s technology development on high value retail signage for Lottery & Gaming. In 2013, he conceived the idea that Carmanah should join forces with STRATACACHE, the #1 global digital signage company. Now with 54 lottery customers worldwide, Cameron is highly focused on ensuring the Carmanah team delivers its digital media and marketing technology with exceptional ongoing customer service. 


Maxwell Goldstein

Vice-President LOTTERY Sales, North America

Carmanah’s VP of Sales, Max has worked in retail and gaming signage for 20 years, focusing exclusively on the global Lottery Industry for the last ten. He has a deep understanding of both the lottery players’ retail journey and of sales activating sign implementations at Lottery retail. He is a passionate advocate for his Lottery customers’ requirements.


David Roy


Based in Europe, David works with our Lottery customers in the EMEA to find creative solutions that drive player engagement at retail. David spent the previous seven years working with IGT’s European clients on retail sales optimization, joining the Carmanah team in 2015. Prior to that he was a top retail executive with Coca-Cola International. His current mission? To engage lottery players by digitizing the in-store playing experience.


John Wilde


The newest member of Carmanah’s all star sales team, John Wilde brings with him previous Lottery Industry experience and over 20 years of experience in the IT Channel Business. John is an active listener, focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for our Asia-Pacific lottery customers. Wilde Thing, we think we love you!


Melanie Farkas

Casino SignAGE Sales Manager

An indispensable member of the Carmanah Signs team for the past decade, Melanie guides our Casino customers through the world of Table Limit and Table Game Signs, Interactive Displays, and Networked Digital Signage. She is an expert in delivering targeted real time messaging to casino guests.


Jon-Paul Bussoli

Vice-President Product Development

Jon-Paul has coordinated the product development of all Carmanah Signs jackpot signage products over the last seven years, as well as all of the STRATACACHE Lottery DS products. He works with the cross-functional team to specify hardware (i.e. media players, passive displays, touch displays, jackpot signs), software, and fixturing for each unique use case at retail, whether passive screen or interactive. 


Kalon Armstrong

Director, Business Development

Kalon is responsible for supporting Carmanah's continued growth and positioning as a leader in the global Lottery Industry. With experience in commercial operations, management consulting, and venture capital, he carries a unique perspective on how to leverage technological solutions and analytics-based insights to unlock operational improvements for organizations and Lottery customers alike.


Ed Montemayor

Director, Operations

Ed’s background is in Supply Chain Operations Management, with over 20 years of progressive experience in electronics and mechanical manufacturing environments. A key member of the Carmanah team from 2008-2012, Ed was instrumental in Jackpot Sign supply operations and helped set the strategic direction for Carmanah Signs. He left in 2012 to venture in Oil & Gas, and we’re so pleased to welcome him back as our Director of Operations in 2019!


Roy Najoan

SenioR Systems Engineer

With over 10 years of IT experience, Roy is the technical liaison between customers and Carmanah's internal sales and operations departments. Roy is responsible for the planning, design, delivery, and startup of digital signage networks. He is also an expert in content scheduling, distribution, and support for lottery retail digital signage networks. 

Ryan-crop (2).png

Ryan Ali

UX Design Director

Ryan leads content development and touch interactive development sessions for Lottery Digital Signage. He defines scope for creatives and developers while expertly managing the delivery of content. Ryan has worked on a variety of content and interactive experiences, including Digital PlayStations, Digital Menu Boards, interactive educational experiences, lottery retailer portal demos, and sales activating passive content focusing on winner data and prize values.


Nadene Beyerbach

Marketing & Sales Support Manager

Nadene's responsibilities include marketing strategy, project management, and content development. She previously worked in product development and brand management for Atlantic Lottery’s portfolio of Instant Games, then moved to the agency side where she worked on an award winning PRO·LINE campaign with m5. With over a decade in lottery, her focus is now on changing the way lotteries connect with their players.    


Richard Brown

Technical Service & Product Development

A key member of Carmanah's product development team, Richard has been with Carmanah Signs since 2005. He began his career in our production department, moving up through the company to shipping,  production supervision, and now product development. Richard knows jackpot and digital signage inside out, ensures all prototypes and sales samples are created properly, and provides training and support to our customers. 


Zoya Konoff

Lottery Sales Coordinator

With a diverse background in a variety of positions in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, Zoya handles all the details of sales coordination. She guides customers through the ordering process, from artwork needs through to final shipping, and makes sure they get the quality digital and jackpot signage products they need.