Deck the Walls

It's the time of year when players are dreaming of extra holiday cash, looking for a fun little break in their hectic schedule, and picking up those last minute gifts. The best way to remind players they could use holiday instant tickets in their lives? When they’re already at retail and ready to take action! Lottery Digital Menu Boards do just that.

Built to beautifully display digital planograms, highlighted and seasonal tickets, and jackpot takeover screens, Digital Menu Boards (DMBs) consist of commercial grade LCD displays mounted to the wall above and behind the counter at retail. Leading lotteries are rethinking the way instant tickets are displayed and advertised to players by implementing DMBs as a tool to partner with, or in some cases even replace, traditional countertop dispensers.

DMBs appeal to players through dynamic animations and HD video, rather than relying on the static art of tickets and dispensers. This inspires players to select products at their own pace prior to the point of sale, resulting in incremental ticket sales and reduced congestion at the cash. 

Examples of messaging approaches on Lottery DMBs include:

  • Digital planograms of key instant tickets, using subtle motion to capture player attention
  • Special features for new product launches and seasonal games
  • Jackpot screen takeovers, triggered when jackpots hit a predetermined amount
  • Programmatic updating of highlighted tickets based on changes in inventory or sales trends
  • Hyperlocal dynamic content targeted to any screen, anywhere (for instance, regional or same store winners)

Retailers are unique, with DMBs configured to fit each retail chain and location type depending on their individual requirements. For example, you’ll want to consider consumer traffic patterns, available space, and existing clutter or fixtures. Multiple screens, signage location, and specialized mounting options make customization possible and optimize sales at retail. Now that puts us in the holiday spirit!

Nadene Beyerbach