Press Release: Groundbreaking Audience Measurement & Retail Consultancy

STRATACACHE—the leading provider of digital signage, media distribution, and enterprise video acceleration technologies—recently added Walkbase and Q Division to its family of complementary digital media companies, expanding its global footprint of scalable, high performance marketing technologies.

Walkbase, based out of Finland, is a pioneer in highly advanced in­-store marketing and analytics for smartphones, and was lauded by Gartner Group in 2015 as a “Cool Vendor.” Their real ­time software stack enables shopping experience personalization through highly advanced mobile tracking, mobile messaging, and artificial intelligence­ based mobile ad targeting systems. Walkbase’s world­ class solution directly aligns with the STRATACACHE customer experience strategy—helping retailers and brands drive highly targeted, relevant experiences based on deep shopper insights and shaped by a customer’s online identity.

The Walkbase solution uses existing in­-store technology (such as Wi­Fi enabled devices and access points, digital signs, sensors, and beacons) to understand precisely how customers behave in stores, in real time. The solution then ties that behavior to their online persona, enabling every message, via digital sign or mobile device, to be tailored to the relevant interests of the consumer. Every aspect of the customer’s experience can be anonymously analyzed, customized, and mapped—from moving throughout the store to what’s being viewed and, ultimately, what results in a sale.

Q Division, STRATACACHE’s global retail tech consultancy launched just last month, takes those deep behavioral insights and uses them to engineer meaningful, connected experiences. Q Division is a team of business management consultants, connected commerce-focused industry experts, and solution engineers who advise brands and retailers on creating data-driven, best-in-class customer experiences. While Walkbase’s audience measurement technology arms companies with deep data, Q Division arms companies with the strategy necessary to win the consumer engagement battle at retail.

“I have been in the tech industry for 25 years, and this is one of those moments when you realize the power of a specific technology to help a customer deliver on their vision. I was absolutely blown away with what the Walkbase technology brings to our customers. We will help physical retailers fight back against Amazon and Google by marrying online activity and in­-store behavior at the point of decision,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE.  




About STRATACACHE and Carmanah Signs

STRATACACHE is the leading provider of intelligent digital signage, digital merchandising, mobile enablement, and rich media solutions. These solutions help inspire and influence customers at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities. With 2.1 million digital media devices in place worldwide, STRATACACHE has the deepest and widest footprint in the market and consistently enhances offerings to better serve customers.

Carmanah Signs, STRATACACHE’s Lottery & Gaming Division, provides everything from digital signage software and hardware (media players, screens, tablets, networking equipment, and jackpot signs) to services (content creation, scheduling and distribution, network monitoring, and technical support).

Together, STRATACACHE and Carmanah Signs have over 1.6 million connected media players and 140,000 wireless jackpot signs at retailers around the world, serving 50+ lottery customers on four continents. As an associate member of five global lottery associations, and an ongoing sponsor and content contributor to numerous Lottery Industry events, Carmanah Signs is the only digital signage provider committed to the Lottery Industry at this level. 

Nadene Beyerbach