Express: Camelot Aims for Aldi Lottery Boost

Carmanah Signs is proud to partner with Camelot UK and the National Lottery as their In-Lane Jackpot Sign provider. There are currently thousands of Carmanah In-Lane Jackpot Signs live at grocery lanes in Ireland, and this development has been further enhanced with the introduction of an additional 500+ checkout lane jackpot sign pilot recently activated with Camelot and ALDI UK, as highlighted in the business section of UK’s Sunday Express newspaper. 

“One of our key priorities has been to make National Lottery games available in discount supermarkets whose market share has grown considerably in recent years. We’ve started this process via a trial with Aldi, which has been going very well. Depending on the outcome of this trial, a decision will be made on whether to roll out more widely,” said a Camelot spokesman. “Customers tell us that a lottery ticket is now one of the items that they prefer to buy as part of their main grocery shop.”

In-Lane Jackpot Signs have proven to be an essential part of a successful in-lane program. With over 15,000 lanes and counting, Carmanah Signs continues to be the only jackpot sign provider with live In-Lane Jackpot Sign executions.

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Nadene Beyerbach