Press Release: STRATACACHE Announces Scala China

STRATACACHE, the parent company of Carmanah Signs, today announced the acquisition of an all-in-one intelligent tablet and computing device manufacturing company based in Ningbo, China. As part of the acquisition, the company, formerly known as POPSCREENS, is now called Scala China. The rebranding strengthens solution visibility and brand presence in the global commercial market, positioning Scala China as a prime solution for interactive retail displays within the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies. This acquisition further enhances STRATACACHE’s expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as STRATACACHE’s commitment to the Scala brand, following Scala’s acquisition in August 2016.

“We have demonstrated significant focus on growth in the important Asia-Pacific market, investing more than $100 million in the region in the past 24 months, including the acquisition of Scala,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of the STRATACACHE family of companies. “We are enjoying tremendous growth in the region with strong new leadership, a greatly expanded services team and a strategic focus on the markets in China, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The Asia-Pacific region has added more than 2 billion consumers to the middle class in the past decade and we’re helping leading retailers, brands, and marketers develop these new consumer relationships. Scala China is another step along that journey and, with the recent progress on US-China trade relations, now was the right time to move forward on this opportunity.”

Scala China will continue to produce advanced embedded computing devices, ranging from 7” to 98”.

“The devices are ideal for 24×7 commercial use in interactive consumer engagement environments such as retail stores, gaming, hospitality, and banking,” said Patrick Saletta, Chief Operating Officer. “With over 8,000 existing Scala customers worldwide, we will help expand opportunities in many strategic markets and client partnerships.”

As part of the acquisition, new infrastructure includes an expansive 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility and more than 125 new employees — including world-class research and development, scaled production and manufacturing lines, and design and software engineers with deep experience in the Rockchip platform, a core element of the smart touchscreen devices. There is also a new support and logistics center and China-based Network Operations Center, optimizing client services throughout the region, key factors in the STRATACACHE growth plan to hit $1 billion USD in sales by 2020. The acquisition drives a significant job increase including marketing, development, engineering, accounting, and global support teams at STRATACACHE’s Dayton headquarters and operations facilities.

“Our all-in-one platforms are enhanced with additional technology for mobile sensors, such as STRATACACHE’s own Walkbase sensors, and computer vision that exists in the STRATACACHE family today,” said Li Fan, General Manager. “Adding embedded computing devices to STRATACACHE’s robust suite of marketing technology for kiosk, point-of-sale, and commercial tablet computing devices significantly enhances the full solution offering for the client.”

Scala China leadership also includes David Wong, Vice President of Sales for Asia-Pacific. More information is coming to


About STRATACACHE & Carmanah Signs

STRATACACHE provides scalable customer experiences, empowering retailers to learn deeply about their customers’ shopping preferences and behaviors, allowing for personalized shopper interaction. STRATACACHE’s solutions deliver consumer activation at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities and enhanced retail profitability. STRATACACHE powers the biggest digital networks for the world’s largest brands. 

Carmanah Signs, STRATACACHE’s global Lottery & Gaming Division, provides everything from digital signage software and hardware (media players, screens, tablets, networking equipment, and jackpot signs) to services (content creation, scheduling and distribution, network monitoring, and technical support).

Together, STRATACACHE and Carmanah Signs have over 2 million software activations and 145,000 wireless jackpot signs at retailers around the world, serving 50+ lottery jurisdictions and 500+ casinos globally. As an associate member of five global lottery associations, and an ongoing sponsor and content contributor to numerous lottery industry events, Carmanah Signs is the only digital signage provider committed to the lottery industry at this level.

Nadene Beyerbach