Chris Riegel to Speak at La Fleur’s 2018 Lottery INNOVATION Exchange

Carmanah Signs is thrilled to announce that Chris Riegel, Founder and CEO of STRATACACHE, will present as part of the Carmanah Signs Luncheon Sponsorship at the La Fleur’s 2018 Lottery INNOVATION Exchange Conference. Chris will share his unique perspective on intelligent digital media and marketing technology, discussing today’s cutting edge smart technology, what’s happening at retail, and his thoughts on the in-store player journey in the context of Lottery.

The presentation will take place at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 27th, at the Ted Rogers School of Business at Ryerson University in Toronto. We hope to see you there!


About STRATACACHE and Carmanah Signs

STRATACACHE is the leading provider of intelligent digital signage, digital merchandising, mobile enablement, and rich media solutions. These solutions help inspire and influence customers at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities. With over 2 million software activations worldwide, STRATACACHE has the deepest and widest footprint in the market and consistently enhances offerings to better serve customers.

Carmanah Signs, STRATACACHE’s Lottery & Gaming Division, provides everything from digital signage software and hardware (media players, displays, tablets, networks, and jackpot signs) to digital signage services (content creation, scheduling & distribution, network monitoring, and technical support).

Carmanah serves 51 lottery customers in four continents, and has over 145,000 wireless jackpot signs at retailers around the world. As an associate member of five global lottery associations, and an ongoing sponsor and content contributor to numerous Lottery Industry events, Carmanah Signs is the only digital signage provider committed to the Lottery Industry at this level. 

Nadene Beyerbach