PGRI: 5 Trends Transforming Retail

Great article on the “5 Trends Transforming Retail” in Public Gaming International Magazine from Tom Stanek, IGT's Senior Director of Global Retail Sales & Marketing. “Trend 3: Connected Retail through the Internet of Things” mentions how our Walkbase solution helps understand consumer behavior to customize experiences at retail:

“IoT solutions such as Walkbase can help retailers and brands design and customize their attractions to improve relationships with consumers. Walkbase is a Wi-Fi application that gathers and aggregates customer data from all in-store data sources, including sensors that track what customers are doing in-store, video feeds, point-of-sale data, people-counters, the existing Wi-Fi network, and more. Such solutions can help retailers understand precisely how consumers behave in a retail environment and suggest optimal products and experiences based on consumers’ in-store and digital behaviors,” says Stanek.

We are so pleased to be mentioned, and would have to agree! For more information on the trends transforming retail, see the full article at:

Nadene Beyerbach